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SQL to generate frequency counts - The CyberLizard

About SQL to generate frequency counts

Previous Entry SQL to generate frequency counts May. 13th, 2004 @ 11:17 pm Next Entry

Question: Say you had the following tables:


How do you generate frequency counts grouped by status, in such a way that the frequency counts are columns of a row with the group_id, given three status codes (0 == ok, 1 == fail, 2 == pending)? That is, how do you get to the following table:


The following SQL should do the trick:

SELECT g.Group, ok_count, fail_count, pending_count
FROM Group g
   SELECT group_id, COUNT(status) as ok_count
   FROM Item
   WHERE status = 0
   GROUP BY status, group_id
) ok
ON g.group_id = ok.group_id
   SELECT group_id, COUNT(status) as fail_count
FROM Item WHERE status = 1 GROUP BY status, group_id ) fail ON g.group_id = fail.group_id LEFT JOIN ( SELECT group_id, COUNT(status) as pending_count FROM Item WHERE status = 2 GROUP BY status, group_id ) pending ON g.group_id = pending.group_id

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